You might have noticed that here at Flawless Fitness Magazine, we’re just as interested in featuring new faces as we are established fitness models.

If you’d like to be featured in an upcoming issue, we’d love to have a look at you! All we need to start are a few recent photos of yourself, captured in one of the approved formats, showing us who you are and what you’re made of! Ideally, we would prefer to see images which could be described as “pretty” and not “sexy, as we’re a women’s magazine and are looking to inspire the countless number of women who turn to us for information, inspiration and motivation.

Please adhere to the following submission guidelines:

Ensure you possess copyright on images submitted.

Submit images of the following file types: .jpg .jpeg .gif .pdf .png

Submit images which do not exceed the max file size of 5MB (each).

Send photos from multiple photographers via separate submissions.

If you include links to your social media spaces (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) we’ll share those with our readers who might just steer on over to your pages to have a look.

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How Do I Become A Fitness Model?

How Do I Create a Fitness Model Portfolio?
A well-crafted fitness model portfolio can make or break your foray into fitness modeling. Fitness model agencies are looking for fitness models who photograph well and know how to frame their body for the best shot, and have a good online fitness model portfolio featuring their best shots. Here’s how to get yours going:

Choose the Right Online Portfolio
Go for for a website builder that will showcase your photographs in an appealing, accessible way. Make sure to pick an online portfolio with fresh, modern themes, to show off your best fitness modeling shots, and Instagram integration, so you can feature any amazing Insta pics on your portfolio. A built-in online store is also great, as it allows you to sell branded merch to your fans. A good website builder will make it simple for you to adjust features on your site with just a few clicks, no coding required, so you can upload beautiful images in a matter of minutes and build your fitness modeling brand.

Need some inspiration? Look up other model portfolios to get a sense of what works and take notes on what other fitness models are doing to showcase their work online.

If you want more tips, check out our guide to how to build your model portfolio.

Ready to build an online modeling portfolio that kickstarts your fitness modeling career? We’ve got you covered. Start your free trial with Format today!

Practice Your Fitness Modeling Poses
If you want to learn how to be a model, you have to get your fitness model poses down! Posing in photographs can feel a bit unnatural at first, especially if you’re trying to highlight your muscles or build. There are so many options when it comes to posing, from full frontal to profile to seated. Finding the right pose as a female model or a male model that highlights your body can take practice.

Don’t be afraid to try a few different poses so you can feel confident in front of the camera and create great shots for your fitness model portfolio. Look at the top fitness models on Instagram and other social media to get a sense of how they pose and frame their shots.

Work with a Fitness Model Photographer

Fitness photographers have the training and expertise to make fitness models look good. Go for a fitness model photographer who has proven experience photographing fitness models and athletes. Many fitness photographers also have contacts in the industry and can refer you to potential fitness modeling jobs, too.

If you aren’t in a financiak position to pay a fitness photographer for their work, why not try a TFP shoot? “Trade for print” means you and the photographer work for prints, rather than cash, so you both leave with valuable shots without having to spend a cent.

Focus on What Makes You Unique
With so many fitness models out there, it’s important that you determine what makes you stand out. Maybe you have a unique backstory or background. Maybe you have an inspiring journey to fitness or a really honest take on working out. Think about how you can be distinct and focus on this aspect when you’re building your online portfolio. Having a compelling backstory can help you land fitness modelling opportunities.

Building a brand identity around your unique look can be a good way to add cohesion to your online portfolio. Having a good sense of what makes you unique can make you more appealing to fitness model agencies looking for something new and exciting.

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Submit Your Fitness Photos Via Social Media

Fitness modeling agencies and fitness brands are starting to use social media to scout for new talent by putting calls out for new models. They also run photo contests where you submit your best fitness modeling shots to get their attention. Look up fitness brands on social media and watch for any calls or contests. Submit your photographs and a link to your fitness modeling portfolio to increase your chances of booking a fitness modeling job.

What Kind of Fitness Modeling Jobs Are Out There?
Many fitness models start out doing small fitness modeling jobs like promoting a fitness product on social media or doing a sponsored post on their website. Small fitness modeling opprt like these can result in low pay, or payment in free product. But these smaller opportunities can lead to bigger things, such as a marketing campaign with a major fitness brand or a calendar shoot with a fitness magazine. Bigger jobs like these pay a lot more and can help you maintain a sustainable career as a fitness model.

Being social-savvy with platforms like Instagram can help you cultivate relationships with fitness brands, especially if you have a large online following. Don’t be afraid to use social media tools to boost your online presence, as it can help you land small, paying gigs that can lead to more exposure, and bigger pay cheques.