Muscle Growth

2018 04 05 Stacy Smith Dan Galic 437 Edit

“Muscles grow even when you’re not in the gym working them,” says Franci Cohen, exercise physiologist and ACE certified personal trainer. Don’t skip rest days! Your muscles grow when resting.

“During recovery periods, your muscles are preparing themselves for the next workout. In fact, much muscle building is done outside the gym when you’re not training. However, muscles need time to do this, so do not weight lift every day of the week. More is not always better.”

For optimal muscle growth and repair, lift weights no more than four days a week.  

And remember, the foods you eat are just as important for muscle growth as your workout routine. Be sure to eat a balanced (in both calore intake and nutritious value) diet. Protein is essential for muscle growth, mix with carbohydrate side servings for a tasty nutritious muscle-building meal, and always remember to hydrate – drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Remember Consistency, patience, discipline, intensity, perseverance.