Burn Fat Faster With Cardio Acceleration​

Dropping body fat is no walk in the park. Adding additional exercise time or incorporating a super strict diet can be stressful and hard to follow. What if I told you burning additional fat can be accomplished in the same amount of time, or even less?

How so?

Cardio acceleration! This form of training is intended to help intensify your workouts by incorporating cardio into your lifting routine during rest periods. Simply put, you perform your regular lifting routine but replace all your 30-60 second ‘rest periods’ with an aerobic exercise.

While most of us struggle with making time for the gym, this can be a great way to get in your lift and cardio all within your normal lifting time window. Because the aerobic exercises are performed within your “rest period,” this eliminates spending extra time pre or post workout on that cardio machine. Let’s say, for example, you perform eight different exercises for three sets (totaling 24 sets), this would mean you’ve completed 24 minutes of cardio!

How many times have you found yourself skipping cardio post lift? Well, now the worry of skipping can be eliminated and better results initiated! Let’s talk about the real reason this title caught your attention: burn fat faster. This type of routine most certainly requires a lot of exertion. The more intense your workout, the more energy the body requires, therefore the more calories and fat you will burn! When we speak about fat loss, we usually associate this with muscle atrophy. Any bodybuilder will tell you that rest periods are important in order for muscle hypertrophy. While this can be true in certain situations, this form of training actually does the opposite. Performing an aerobic exercise between your lifts helps with increasing blood flow to the muscles, which means more nutrients and oxygen being delivered to the muscles. This is the perfect recipe for muscle growth and what I consider a win/win. Increased strength, endurance and best of all, fat burn!
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What To Expect
When you first begin this regimen, it is common to feel out of breath or even some slight weakness in your lifts. Your body is not used to cramming in so many exercises within a shorter time frame, which will leave you feeling a bit overworked.

With consistency, your endurance will build up allowing you to gain more strength. Just as any new regimen, you must train your body and as a result, it will become stronger. Give it a week or so and you’ll be glad you jumped aboard!

Choosing Aerobic Exercises
It’s best to choose an aerobic exercise that can be performed at your workstation. This eliminates any downtime or your equipment being taken. Choose an exercise that will allow your target muscles to recover.

For example: If you perform an upper body movement, follow this with some form of cardio that involves more of your legs. While it may pose a challenge in some cases, just do your best to avoid the target muscle group.